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Welcome to CookiePopup.com, your ultimate guide to everything related to cookies and cookie popups!

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Compliance made easy, we give you a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy laws.

Built for everybody

Try CookiePopup.com today and start taking control of your website's cookies and cookie popups. Your users will thank you for it!

Modern responsive design

Featuring carefully crafted, mobile-first components, your end product will function beautifully on any device!

Complete documentation

All of the layouts, page sections, components, and utilities are fully covered in this products docs.

Freedom to create your own style

When you purchase CookiePopup, you get more template options.

Smaller popup design

We've crafted popup examples that match many websites.

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CookiePopup templates

Use our pre-built templates to quickly create cookie popups for your website.

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cookiepopup design

Here's What You Get

When you purchase CookiePopup, you get access to a robust suite of tools and components to help you make your website complient quickly and easily.

Matching design

We've designed popup tempaltes that match many websites or ecommerce store.

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CookiePopup Examples

Use our pre-built tempaltes to quickly create cookie popups for your website.

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Our Cookie popups are made beautifully responsive and adaptable to any device.

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Modular Sections

All of the elements on each popup are modular, so you can change them into your existing design, or start with a new one!

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What is in the premium edition?

With the premium edition, you get more design features and acces to premium designs.

Is it hard to setup?

No CookiePopup only requires one line off code to be added to your website and we will help you for free if needed.

Do I get free updates?

All future updates on the products, bugfixes and other small updates will be included.

What frameworks does CookiePopup work with?

Our HTML based pro products are build with framework integration in mind. The compiled code is HTML, CSS and vanilla javascript which is able to integrate with any framework.

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